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Guarantee of service

At Precision House LLC, we never miss a vacation rental service.

For a back-to-back service, we require a 10am check-out and a 4pm check-in. If, for any reason within our control, your turnover is not completed by the check-in time; we will give you double your money back. (No late check-outs or early check-ins are allowed on same day turnarounds.)

If we can’t perform a cleaning, we will notify you at least 7 days in advance or give you twice your money back. (note: This situation never happened since the creation of our business, and we take pride in preventing it to ever happen!)

If you or your guests are not completely satisfied with your cleaning, contact us immediately at 808-707-3004 and we will make things right and send a cleaner immediately, or give you a refund ranging between 20% and 200% according to the gravity of the situation. We take pride in caring about our customers and we treasure constructive feedback, that’s our best source of improvement. (Everything you like about the design of our services is probably due to customer feedback we gladly received!)

Our vacation rental services include cleaning of a small lanai (max.100sqft) and common areas (living room, hallways, kitchen, bathroom), for a total surface of max. 800sqft per bed serviced. For additional cleaning services, please request a custom estimate at

Our vacation rental services include everything in this checklist.

We provide only 100% cotton bed-linen and bath towels. For laundry, we only use non-toxic Laundry Soap & Softener, and ‘Oxiclean’ powder.

For PREMIUM Customers, our cleanings will be automatically scheduled for every guest checkout. To enable this feature, the owner has to make Precision House LLC a co-host/admin for each AirBnB, VRBO,, or HomeAway listing. All online bookings are to be maintained by the customer, and Precision House LLC reserves the right to charge cancellation fees for cleanings scheduled by mistake due to an error related to the customers listings or alternate form of reservation system. Precision House LLC denies any responsibility if a cleaning is missed because it wasn’t properly registered on a listing and doesn’t appear in the bookings.



Pricing is charged per bed serviced in a unit on a particular day. The first bed serviced is charged in full, and additional beds in the unit are charged with a 50% discount (additional pull-out and twin beds charged with a 75% discount).

We only accept online payments with major Debit/Credit cards on our secured SSL encrypted website Payment is for the first service is due no later than 7 days in advance. Following cleanings will be charged on your debit/credit card twice a month, with an invoice being emailed to you prior to payment processing.

The only prices valid are the ones displayed on our online store and we reserve the right to modify our pricing at the end of your current billing cycle, and that without further notice. 

If you’d like an estimate, visit the desired service in our online store and enter the desired specifications and frequency. The price and availability will be displayed before reaching the checkout process. 

PREMIUM upgrades require a sign-up fee equivalent to one cleaning. Further changes in the turnover processes required by the owner will incur the same fee, due to the required rework of our check-list and retraining of our staff.

If you’d like to get a custom offer don’t hesitate to reach out at 

Please note: Coupon codes and referral discounts have limited validity, please refer to the particular advertisement for expiration and limitations. We reserve the right to cancel coupon codes & discount offers at any time and without notice.


Additional Fees

A last minute fee of $100 will be charged for cleaning services requested less than 48hrs in advance.
The same extra fee applies for turnovers having to be performed on our listed National Holidays.

Requests for additional services (staging additional supplies, additional load of laundry for supplies or guests, performing customer service for guests, storing guest luggage in supply room, setting up baby crib, shopping for supplies, etc) will be charged an extra fee of $30 per request if performed on-site, or $60 per request if performed off-site. (PREMIUM customers are entitled to one free on-site request per turnover.)

If the guest checks-out after the agreed-upon check-out time (10:00am for our double money-back guarantee, or any other agreed upon checkout time) and our cleaning team is already on-site; a $90 per hour extra charge will be prorated, after a 15 minutes grace period.

If dishes need to be washed or re-washed for more than 15min, we will charge $30 for a regular clean, or up to $60 for a larger amount or a deep clean in case of burns, leftover food, or any condition making dish-washing harder than usual.

If Precision’s own PREMIUM towels or bath mats are missing or damaged by the guests, we will charge a $20 extra fee per piece. If sheets, comforter, or bath robes are damaged or missing; we will charge a $40 fee per piece. If any other property of Precision House LLC placed in the unit or in the supply room/closet is missing or damaged, we will charge the amount necessary for replacing it.

We will charge double the price of an usual clean, in case the unit needs a full decontamination after a guest was suspected to have contracted a viral disease, for which we request the property manager and/or the guest to inform us at least 48hrs in advance if possible. That being to guarantee the safety of our staff and equip them with the appropriate full face respirators and decontamination suits. We use electrostatic fogging with EPA list-N disinfectant that is certified ‘food safe, no rinse’, and kills 99.99% of viruses & bacteria, but Precision House LLC is not a remediation company per se, and we therefor have to decline any liability for virus, bacteria or contaminant brought in the unit by the guests, and/or present in the unit without our knowledge.


Cancellation policy for cleanings

For Vacation Rental services we require a minimum of 7 days cancellation notice, or 48 hours for PREMIUM customers; by text/call to 808-707-3004 (holidays and weekends included).

Cancellation fees will be billed as follows:
– A $100 fee will be charged if the 7 days cancellation policy is not honored, if the cleaning was booked by mistake or due to a booking not edited properly in the listing calendar, if the cleaner is unable to gain access to the unit, or if the key has not been left with the doorman or agreed upon location. PREMIUM customers get charged if less than 48 hours in advance, an pay only a $50 fee. 

– Full cleaning fee will be billed on the day of cleaning if any other condition inside or outside the unit (eg. power/water outage, damage by guest, plumbing issue, defective appliance,…) is preventing our cleaners to reasonably perform their duties.


Cancellation of agreement or service

Precision House LLC will require 14 days notice for termination. We will charge a $100 cancellation fee per unit if this deadline is not respected.

If the termination is due to a repeated issue, directly attributable to Precision House LLC, that impacted the guest experience to the point of getting reviews equivalent to 3 stars or less out of 5, Precision House LLC will waive all cancellation fees and allow for immediate cancellation if desired by the customer.

If the cancellation is due to difficulties with the customer, or the unit, keeping Precision House LLC from being able to efficiently perform its duties, a 14 days notice will be provided. A $100 cancellation fee per unit will be charged if the termination has to happen within less than 14 days. 

All the linen and supplies provided by Precision House LLC remain its legal property at all times and have to be returned to an agreed upon location at the end of the 14 days cancellation period of this agreement by any of the parties, or the customer will be charged for replacing all supplies with new ones.

Cancellation notice has to be sent by email to or to the customer email address associated with the original order.


Safety policy 

During the cleaning, we do not allow anyone or any pet into the unit. This is both to avoid liability issues and risks of cross-contamination. We request that any other service to the unit be performed before our cleaning, so that the unit can be disinfected and locked until guests come in. Exceptions can be granted after approval by our manager, and requests have to be sent through text to 808-707-3004, if possible 48hrs in advance.

Because of insurance & liabilities, our cleaners aren’t allowed to perform maintenance tasks, climb on ladders, nor perform outdoor window cleaning except if in a safe setting at ground level up to 9ft. 

All existing particularities and/or exceptions of the property impacting our cleaners’ work, as well as any known hazard or damage must be disclosed to Precision House LLC prior to the first service date, or as soon as possible.

Please note: Our cleaners are required to refuse service when cleaning houses with heavily soiled conditions, mold, animal & pest issues, or any extraordinary condition preventing our cleaning crew to reasonably perform its duties. In that case, a refund will be issued with a $100 cancellation fee.


Waiver of Liability 

Precision House LLC is not liable for damages committed or incurred by the guest or the owner by using or misusing our supplies and/or equipment.

Precision House LLC is not liable for any damage or loss resulting from any pest contamination (bed bugs & co), viruses, bacteria, or any contaminant or hazardous material brought in by guests or present in the unit.



We require exclusivity for cleaning services rendered in the unit for the duration of our business relationship, except for cleaning services that fall out of the scope of our provided services (carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, AC & HVAC cleaning, flood remediation services,…).

Our hours of operation are Monday to Sunday 9am – 5pm. Our office hours are Monday to Friday 10am – 12pm. We may or may not be able to respond out of these hours, depending on our work schedule.

Please respect that we service a large client base. Each and every client is important to us. Last minute schedule changes or other requirements cannot always be accommodated and we can only respond to a reasonable amount of text and email messages (not exceeding 3 daily requests in average).

We require entire time allotment between guests (with same day check out/in). For consecutive check-in/check-out days, we must be advised, in advance by text at 808-707-3004 if an early check-in or late check-out has been granted to a guest, and what time they are expected to arrive or leave.

We require the owner to make a locked supply room or storage space available at the location, in order for us to stock supplies for the unit(s).

It is required that, at minimum, two sets of ALL linens (sheets, duvets/covers, pillows, towels, hand towels, wash cloths, comforter and matching pillowcases, bathroom floor mats, beach towels, bath robes, slippers, kitchen towels, etc) be available so that one set is removed for laundering while one is being used by the guests.

We require a full set of keys/codes to the property including supply storage areas, as well as contact names and numbers in case of property emergencies, and the location of water main shut off valves and electrical breakers box. 

We require the owner to let us display a housekeeping brochure & door sticker, offering guests the opportunity to request additional cleaning, laundry, and decontamination services at their own cost. The brochure will also request that the guest notifies Precision House LLC of their checkout time, and contributes to virus safety by asking them to pack their dirty linen in sealed garbage bags and run the dishwasher to sanitize all used dishes, to facilitate the cleaners coordination & safety and perform turnover as early as possible during the day.

We require all units to be deep-cleaned at least every 3 months. The deep-clean is charged in addition to the normal cleaning fee, with an extra $100 for the first bed serviced plus $50 for additional beds ($25 for twins/pullouts), and it includes interior windows & screens and ground-level exterior windows & screens, as well as UVC disinfection of bedding and upholstered furniture and other useful features included in our Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist. All fixtures and screens have to be taken apart by the owner, or we can take care of it, but we decline any responsibility for potential damages occurring during the process of taking them apart and/or replacing them.


Privacy Policy

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