Probiotic cleaning is making hospitals safer

Written by LAURENT

March 9, 2019

Precision House Cleaning Maui

” Contamination of hospital surfaces by clinically-relevant pathogens represents a major concern in healthcare facilities, due to its impact on transmission of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and to the growing drug resistance of HAI-associated pathogens.

Routinely used chemical disinfectants show limitations in controlling pathogen contamination, due to their inefficacy in preventing recontamination and selection of resistant strains.

Recently we observed that an innovative approach, based on a cleanser added with spores of non-pathogenic probiotic Bacilli, was effective in stably counteracting the growth of several pathogens contaminating hospital surfaces.

Impact of a Probiotic-Based Cleaning Intervention on the Microbiota Ecosystem of the Hospital Surfaces:
Focus on the Resistome Remodulation. (Yung-Fu Chang, Cornell University, 2016)

“Collected data showed that Bacilli spores can germinate on dry inanimate surfaces, generating the bacterial vegetative forms which counteract the growth of pathogens and effectively substitute for them on treated surfaces.

Strikingly, this procedure did not select resistant species, but conversely induced an evident decrease of antibiotic resistance genes in the contaminating microbial population.

Also importantly, all the six HAI-positive patients hosted in the treated areas resulted negative for probiotic Bacilli, thus adding evidences to their safety-to-use.”

“These results indicate that this probiotic-based procedure is active not only in controlling surface microbial contamination but also in lowering drug-resistant species, suggesting that it may have relevant clinical and therapeutical implications for the management of health-care associated infections.”

As cleaners ourselves, we know the impact of toxic product on our health after a day of work. This is one of the main reason we decided to create Precision as a safe environment for families and pets to live in, and for cleaners to work in. We absolutely love all those people and creatures and would feel devastated (and at the total opposite of our life’s purpose!) if our business had a negative impact on their health.

We refuse to clean houses using toxic products like the evilly branded “Simple Green”.

Even if it means lost business for us, our conscience shall remain clean! No human nor living organism needs to be poisoned for having a Precision house, especially when we can clean naturally at almost no extra cost and scientific studies are now showing us that it’s even more effective!

We are in 2019, no more excuses for using the old-school toxic stuff, let’s be smart and care.


A Precision House is managed only with the healthiest solutions

As we understand the devastating consequences of toxic products on our health and environment, we can’t just stay powerless and keep poisoning ourselves and everything we love.

At Precision, we’d rather spend a lot of time getting to understand the issues, and carefully research the healthiest solutions we can offer to our local community.


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